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I’m Sharon

I’m a Registered Dietitian, home taught cook, and busy mom on a mission to help make feeding your family easy, nutritious, and fun. Read more

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Chocolate Recipes

Celebrate the month of February & Valentine’s Day with a bit of chocolate! From cookies to breakfast, I have recipes for adding a little extra chocolate-y goodness to your meals any time of day.

Life & Motherhood

As a stay at home mama, I spend a lot of time researching books & toys and planning activities AND trying to make time for “me time”. I love hearing what works for other families & sharing our favorites. Here, you can find a collection of posts featuring things that make family life easier, healthier, and more fun!


Interested in what kitchen tools are a dietitian mama’s must-haves? Or looking for recommended kid gear? You can find some of my top picks here.

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