Baby’s First Easter Basket Ideas

Baby's First Easter Basket Ideas |

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Easter is just around the corner and ff you’re celebrating the holiday for the first time with a baby, you might be wondering what to put in your baby’s first Easter basket.

And before you tell me babies don’t need Easter baskets: I can’t stand when people say something like “oh he/she is just a baby…they won’t remember/they don’t know the difference!”

I mean, yeah, that’s true. Babies don’t even know what an Easter basket is. They definitely won’t feel disappointed without one or left out if older siblings are chowing down on chocolate bunnies and racing around the yard to hunt eggs.

But, if you’re like me, YOU know the difference and you still want to make all the first holidays special, festive, and fun for everyone!

I mean, celebrating holidays and seasons is one of the BEST parts of being a parent. Plus, you can take lots of photos of your family’s celebrations—meal, decor, gifts, special outfits, traditions—to share with them when they’re older. So they may not remember, but they’ll have the memory!

Anyway, if you’re still hunting for a few items to include in your baby’s first Easter basket, this list is for you!

You can find most of these items on Amazon, so if you’re a Prime member, you should be able to order and receive them in plenty of time to play Easter bunny.

Here are 16 ideas to fill your baby’s first Easter basket!

Baby's First Easter Basket Ideas |
  • Burt’s Bee’s Baby Pajamas – I LOVE these pajamas for so many reasons! They’re made from soft, organic cotton, come in a ton of sweet prints, and now they’re making footless jammies which are perfect for warmer months and giving babies on the move some barefoot time! They just came out with a few new food prints like avocados, kiwi, bananas, and coconuts so your baby can rep their favorite flavors. Fun fact: We brought Beau home from the hospital in a pair of these pjs!
  • Baby Sun Hat – A sun hat is an essential baby item as we move into longer, sunnier days with more time spent outside. We used a floppy brim Jan & Jul hat every single day last summer and will be ordering another (in the next size up – *sob*) for this year! Lots of color/print options for both boys and girls and the chin strap has a breakaway safety clip.
  • Spring Themed Book(s) – I gift books any chance I get, but I’m guilty of buying children’s books with cute/seasonal covers and then being disappointed by the actual story or lack thereof. These springtime titles not only look cute on display (we use these ledge shelves), but also are cute stories with rhyming cadences that are fun to read again and again!
  • Teetherpop – This comes in clutch whenever we’re dealing with a new tooth. B has 8 teeth at 10 months, so this thing has seen some use! Fill it with breast milk, fruit purée, yogurt, and freeze for teething relief, a mess-free snack, or just to buy yourself a few minutes of occupied baby time.
Baby's First Easter Basket Ideas |
  • Safe Sunscreen – Another spring/summer baby essential. Last year, B was too young to wear sunscreen and we didn’t spend a ton of time outdoors in those early postpartum months. But this year is a whole new ballgame! I stocked up on Pipette’s Mineral Sunscreen (their eczema lotion and balm are daily staples) and this top rated brand. I’ll report back with which we prefer, but if you have recommendation for non-toxic baby sun protection that you swear by, send them my way!
  • Baby Snacks – Giving the Happy Baby Organic Creamies a try in our basket. B is a big puff/snack fan so I’m sure he’ll love these fruit/veggie/coconut milk snacks!
  • Dimpl Toy – This toy has been on my radar for awhile! B was too little at Hanukkah and Christmas for it, but I think he’s going to get a kick out of poking and popping those silicone bubbles. Simple, fun colors, motor activity to keep little hands busy, and teaches cause and effect—what more could you want?
  • Pullback Vehicles – This is hands-down the most played with toy in my house. We were gifted a Melissa & Doug set at the holidays and seriously everyone has a blast racing them, crawling after them, driving them up furniture and walls, and making the “engines” rev. The vehicles are plush and detach from the pullback wheels so they can be tossed in the wash…which is especially nice when your baby dunks them in the dog’s water bowl. I speak from experience.
Baby's First Easter Basket Ideas |
  • Bibs – I’ve tried several types of mealtime bibs, but the Bumkins Starter Bibs and Superbibs are the BEST. Lightweight, not too big or too small, a cinch to put on (seriously so much easier than those silicone bibs), the pocket catches all the dribbles and spills, and they wash and dry super fast. Plus, lots of colors and patterns to choose from!
  • Shaker Eggs – These wooden pastel egg shaped percussion toys scream Easter! I’ll be adding these to our play bin of music toys.
  • Skip Hop Light-Up Bath Toy – Give me a light-up bath toy over a squirting toy any day—no need to worry about water/mold getting inside!
  • ezpz Mini Mat – If your baby hasn’t started solids/self-feeding yet, invest in one of these now. If your baby is already eating solids/self-feeding, invest in one of these now. We didn’t get one of these plates/placemats until we were a few months into our feeding journey, which was fine, but now that B is eating more finger foods, it’s used for breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily. I’ll probably write more in detail about this and other feeding essentials because I spent WEEKS trying to decide between divided baby plates and I’m so glad I went with the ezpz. Trust the hype on this one.
Baby's First Easter Basket Ideas |
  • Silicone Teethers – A carrot and fruit kebab! I’m a sucker for anything food-related, but come on! So stinking cute.
  • Rubber Star Ball – Okay, this little ball is pricier than other baby O-balls, but the competition is made from plastic and this one is 100% non-toxic recycled rubber and has zero weird smell. It’s lightweight, squeezable, the star pattern is ADORABLE, and it comes in mint, peach, or blue.
  • Straw Cup – Pretty self-explanatory. I haven’t offered a straw cup yet, so this is on my list!
  • Snack Cup – I mentioned earlier B is a fan of his snacks, but offering an open bowl means puffs and cereal end up everywhere and ground into my rugs soo it’s time for a snack up! Great for the car and stroller, too!

I’d love to hear what you’re putting in your baby’s Easter basket! Comment below and let me know! Or come say hi on Instagram!

Happy Easter!

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